Apartment buildings and commercial buildings

Our project managers, object managers and team also have long-term experience in insulating and renovating apartment buildings and commercial buildings. Long-term masters renovate and insulate facades with both wool and styrofoam plates. Proper insulation gives up to 45% lower heating bill. When it comes to apartment associations, additional insulation of façads is a major investment for KÜ, the planning and implementation of which needs to be thought very carefully so that the investment being made will pay off, with the right approach it is possible to avoid a number of problems. Our team advises and assists you in this process.

For apartment associations

If your KÜ has a plan and a desire to renovate your own house, we would like to bring out the main stages of how it should work and from which to start:

  1. Order an energy audit for your house.
  2. Create an expected reconstruction budget and explore the possibilities of borrowing.
  3. Hold a general meeting of the association
  4. Involve a technical consultant who, if possible, will also carry out owner supervision.
  5. Order construction projects (façade, heating and ventilation)
  6. Conduct construction procurement.
  7. Submit a loan and grant application.
  8. After completion of the works, submit an application for payment of the aid.

Here you will find help you answer your questions about renovating cooperatives.

Some examples of apartment buildings and commercial buildings renovated by our team.

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